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Daily Scan for 12.31.09 – Ghostbusters 3 Gets Production Date, Roth Gets More Abominable


Iron Sky, a movie about the Nazis’ failed mission to the moon, is finally ready to go into production.

• After sixteen years on the air, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are finally going away. Rest in Peace, Zordon.

• Russia’s worried enough about a giant asteroid colliding with Earth that they are planning to send a spacecraft to knock it off course. I think I’ve heard this one before, Michael Bay.

• Tim Roth says he is signed up for three movies as The Hulk‘s Abomination. Though I don’t know why they’d pay his salary when they could CG him in.

Ghostbusters 3 finally has a schedule, and is slated to start filming this coming summer. Dooooh, Raaaaayyy, Egooooonnnnn.

• Famed scifi writer Spider Robinson’s wife Jeanne is dying of cancer, and buying his fiction can help save her life.

• The scifi classic The Incredible Shrinking Man is now in the National Archive.

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