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Daily Scan for 12.29.09 – Avatar Gets Trilogy, Luke’s Mom Dates Kirk’s Dad

200px-Lt._Gavyn_Sykes_-_Bravo_6_-_Christian_Simpson.jpg• Five new District 9 deleted scenes have leaked to the Internet.

• Is Luke Skywalker’s Mom, Natalie Portman, dating James T. Kirk’s Dad Chris Hemsworth?

• James Cameron says that Avatar is such a success, you can all expect an entire trilogy following the further adventures of Jake and Neytiri.

• Speaking of Avatar, io9 lists 20 scifi characters who got their legs back.

• We’re a bit late in mentioning this, but Dan O’Bannon, the writer of Alien, Total Recall and Return of the Living Dead, has passed away. What a shame: he’s one of my favorites.

• Cinematical lists their best science fiction choices of the decade.

• Darth Vader establishes his ruthless control over Wall Street.

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