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Daily Scan for 12.28.09 – Singer’s Battlestar Seeks Scribe, Swamp Thing Goes 3D


• Mark Strong discusses how Pixar’s John Carter of Mars has changed because of Avatar.

Rebellion‘s forthcoming Aliens Vs. Predator game has gotten a great trailer, complete with a Lance Henriksen voice over.

• Bryan Singer is still on board to direct Battlestar Galactica… as long as they can find a decent writer.

• David Tennant says that he was impossibly fortunate to land the role of Doctor Who.

• Joel Silver says his vision for Swamp Thing is entirely in 3D.

• Warner Bros. has released a new selection of images from their next post-apocalyptic scifi flick, The Book of Eli.

io9 asks which superhero should be Santa next year? Ben Grimm, please.

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