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Daily Scan for 12.22.09 – Warner Bros. Makes Hawkman, Green Lantern Gets Girlfriend

zoe-saldana-as-neytiri.jpg• Hot on the heels of Avatar’s under-par but still quite smokin’ opening weekend, io9 asks who is the sexiest blue woman in the universe? I’m still going to vote Neytiri.

• Although the serial killer jokes are really lame, this is the best deconstruction of why The Phantom Menace is terrible you’ll ever see.

• Some clips from the forthcoming Day of the Triffids have me even more excited than yesterday. But where are the walking, carnivorous plants?

Hawkman is now in the pipeline at Warner Bros. and is being described as part Indiana Jones, part DaVinci Code and part Ghost. That certainly seems like a disaster.

Latino Review says one of their listed women will be Hal Jordan’s girlfriend. Please let it be Eva Green.

• David Tennant says “you’ll quickly forget” his Doctor Who.

• Thanks to a re-edited MP3 of Zachary Quinto’s reading of the Star Trek novelization, we now have Spock slash.

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