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Daily Scan for 12.21.09 – BBC Remakes Triffids, Patrick Stewart Is Knighted

picard.jpgio9 continues its end-of-decade glut of best-of lists with the most important comic book events of 2000-2009.

• “Make it Sir.” Patrick Stewart is to be knighted.

Mythbusters always tackles the tough questions, and in their latest episode, they try to figure out whether or not you can really build a Star Trek Gorn cannon.

• A British Court has found that George Lucas does not have exclusive right to the design of Stormtrooper helmets, at least not in the UK.

• The BBC is remaking The Day of the Triffids with a heavy focus on the killer plants and post-apocalypse. Here’s the first, very good looking trailer.

Metacritic… for science fiction? Meet SFFMeta.

Avatar did well at the box office this weekend, pulling in $72 million, but that’s still something of a disappointment.

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