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Daily Scan for 12.17.09 – Pepper Kisses Iron Man, Worthington Wants Captain America


• Astrophysicist Joseph Shoer shares the amazing galactic civilization he built in his spare time. Impressive!

• Some new Iron Man 2 footage shows Pepper Potts kissing Tony Stark square on the helmet.

SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: The best genre films, books, comics and television shows of the year.

• Back in the 1990’s, James Cameron was slated to direct Spider-Man, only to be replaced by Sam Raimi. But what would his version have looked like?

• Speaking of Cameron, Avatar‘s Sam Worthington says he would kill to play Captain America. Not a bad choice, but I like Aaron Eckhart better.

LIFE Magazine posts a fantastic gallery chronicling the history of scifi art.

• It’s only a week and a half until Christmas, so if you have any scifi nerds who still need to do some shopping for, check out io9‘s geek gift guide.

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