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Daily Scan for 12.14.09 – Cameron Takes Fantastic Voyage, Miller Leaves Buck Rogers


• David Lynch explains why he turned down directorial duties on Return of the Jedi.

• CBS’ newest show is Murmurs, which is a police procedural crossed with time travel. Sounds awesome!

• Director James Cameron from Aliens and Avatar fame is now slated to produce the remake of Fantastic Voyage.

Newsweek has posted a frankly insane alternate history of what would have happened if Al Gore had won the 2000 Presidency. Apparently, he would have prevented September 11th by preemptively invading Afghanistan.

• Oh, thank goodness: Frank Miller will not be allowed to destroy Buck Rogers by adapting it to film.

• Will Denver, Colorado be the first city to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission? Yes, if a popular UFO scamster has his way.

• Sarah Palin gets revenge on William Shatner.

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