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Daily Scan for 12.09.09 – DC Creates Ultimate Universe, Gears of War Goes Cloverfield


The Guardian makes a strong point that, being so overloaded with stars and characters, Iron Man 2 might be Spider-Man 3 all over again.

• Peter Jackson says that despite production not even having started, The Hobbit is still on for a 2011 release date. Let’s see if he’s still saying that in July.

Gears of War‘s writer says that the movie version of Epic’s video game franchise will focus on Emergence Day, with nods in style to Cloverfield.

• DC is taking a note from Marvel’s Ultimate universe and making some movie-friendly reboots of their classic characters. Superman’s first up, and the word “Krypton” isn’t mentioned once.

• WETA’s David Meng says that District 9‘s aliens were meant to be as disgusting as possible. Mission accomplished.

• Luke Skywalker meets zombies in these awesomely zombified Star Wars posters.

Defying Gravity’s star is suing a Wikipedia user who keeps on editing his page to say he’s in a gay relationship. Overreact much?

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