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Daily Scan for 12.04.09 – Jackson Sets Hobbit Date, Tron Trilogy Is Rumored


• Peter Jackson says that the earliest we’ll all see The Hobbit is in 2012. Take your time and get it right, just don’t let any of the older actors die on you in the meantime.

• Want to own a piece of the Terminator franchise? Even a piece of part of the worst movie in the Terminator franchise? All the props from Terminator Salvation are being auctioned off.

• A school district network administrator has been fired for looking for alien intelligence on school computers. Oh, and also for stealing computers and browsing porn.

• Scuttlebutt says that Tron Legacy may just be the first entry in a new Tron trilogy.

• A man builds his own, sort-of-working Stargate in the form of a home theater set-up.

• Thanks to the new Star Trek MMO, you too can now Tweet in Klingon.

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