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Daily Scan for 12.03.09 – Battleship Goes SciFi, Buck Rogers Gets Resurrected

brogers.jpg• I’ve been skeptical of Hasbro’s plans to do movies based on their board games, but Battleshipfeaturing a fleet of battleships versus overhead alien saucers — is such a smart adaptation of the game’s rules to fit a movie narrative. And it’s scifi!

• James Cawley of the unknown Cawley Entertainment Group has secured the rights to Buck Rogers, and the trailer for his resulting web series looks surprisingly fantastic.

• No baby roasting? No sale! The Road director John Hillcoat discusses why some of the more horrifying scenes of post-apocalypse were cut from his adaptation.

• Jeff Bridges says that Jon Favreau’s Iron Man barely had a script: They just showed up and wrote it all on the spot since Marvel “set the release date before the script” was even done. And even so, it’s the best superhero flick this side of The Dark Knight.

• A light touch: Google’s 23 best scifi inspired logos.

• Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming Green Lantern could have been directed by Quentin Tarantino.

• For their twentieth anniversary, Empire asked celebrities to recreate their most iconic shots, including Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator and Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

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