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AMC News at The Prisoner Premiere

Last week I was in New York to catch up with the cast of the new AMC series The Prisoner, a modern-day take on the 60’s cult-classic TV show which starred Patrick McGoohan. This time around, it’s Jim Caviezel as Six, the prisoner, and Sir Ian McKellen as Two, the man who runs The Village where the story takes place.

There are so many layers and mysteries to the story that McKellen had a hard time breaking it down for me without giving too much away. In fairness, I was probably too curious after having watched the first episode. McKellen said his friends had the same reaction after the premiere screening in New York last Tuesday.

McKellen insists that the simple questions the story raises are ultimately answered in the six-hour miniseries. “What is this place, who is running it, and why?” he asked. “In answering those questions, the story is about an extreme version about what it’s like today.”

For our AMC News report on The Prisoner, watch the video. And for more on The Prisoner, tune in Nov. 15 at 8PM | 7C and follow along with me and AMC News on Twitter.

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