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Trailer of the Week – Toy Story 3

The new trailer for Pixar’s Toy Story 3 goes right for the heatstrings with a montage of Andy growing older set to a melancholy Randy Newman tune. We know Andy’s time with Buzz and Woody is limited by that foolproof movie marker of time — his mom recording his height on the wall. Then comes the reveal: Andy’s going away to college. What will happen to the toys? The trailer perfectly balances the previous movie’s mixture of nostalgia and high comedy (one of the toys suggests checking how much they’re going for on eBay) in a fast-paced clip that shows how far Pixar has come since 1995. The cartoony, yet still believable day-care kids that manhandle the toys are proof that an animated movie doesn’t need photo-realism to wow the eye. Take note, Robert Zemeckis! It’s good to see the old gang back together (even Jessie the Cowgirl from the second movie) in a sequel that actually makes sense — for once. 

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