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The Newsdesk 11.12.09 – Zemeckis to Bring 3D Magic to Nutcracker; Keitel Joins Fockers

• Robert Zemeckis will follow-up A Christmas Carol with a 3D motion capture version of The Nutcracker. At least the lead character in that one is supposed to be a lifeless automaton.

Harvey Keitel is joining the cast of Little Fockers, the unfortunately-titled third Meet the Parents film. Why did Keitel have come in and awesome up the joint all of a sudden?

• Word has that MGM could be put on the auction block soon. That lion isn’t going to go quietly.

Mad Men writer Marti Noxon will pen Dreamworks’ remake of Fright Night, the 1988 horror film that starred Chris Sarandon and future adult film star Stephen Geoffrey as “Evil Ed.”

• Rumor has it Ryan Reynolds could be up for another superhero franchise,
taking on the role of DC’s Captain Marvel. Maybe he can pull a Peter
Sellers and star in an insane Deadpool/Green Lantern/Captain Marvel
crossover movie.  

• This year’s Best Animated Feature Oscar category will draw from 20 entries for its five nominee slots. There were 20 worthy animated movies this year? What, was Up submitted twice?

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