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The Newsdesk 11.04.09 – Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to Host Oscars; First Clash of the Titans Posters

• Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin have been selected as hosts of the 2010 Academy Awards Ceremony after Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. turned the gig down. Why can’t all four host? It’s happened several times in the past. In 1976, it was the motley crew of Warren Beatty, Ellen Burstyn, Jane Fonda and Richard Pryor.

• The first poster images for Clash of the Titans have been released. While intriguing, Liam Neeson shouldn’t be wearing that silly armor. He’s a god, for crying out loud.

The first trailer for How to Train Your Dragon, the upcoming Dreamworks animated fantasy romp, has been released. A better title would be “How to Make a By-the-Numbers Shrek Cash-In.”

• Sam Rockwell discussed his villain role in Iron Man 2. He’s easily going to be the most quirkiest comic book movie villain since Christopher Walken in Batman Returns.   

• Shia LaBeouf and Ryan Gosling could be joining the cast of The Wettest County in the World, the next film from the director of The Road. It’s actually an interesting Prohibition-era tale penned by musician Nick Cave, and not a flash flood disaster

Helen Mirren will join Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis in Red, the upcoming action-thriller based on the hit Warren Ellis-penned comic. A comic book movie that’s downright classy?

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