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The Newsdesk 11.25.09 – Interactive Avatar Trailer Debuts; Zombieland Could Go 3D

• The downloadable Avatar interactive trailer is now available, for those who want weird blue alien cat creatures on their desktop.

• Sony is already talking sequel for Zombieland, but this time it’ll be in 3D. Run!

New Moon star Michael Welch confirmed that an announcement about Breaking Dawn will happen soon. Wasn’t he one of the non-vampire high school friends? Can he really be defined as a “star”?

• The first image and story news from Shrek Forever After has been released. Can’t get over the fact it’s not called “Shrek Goes Fourth.”

• Richard Linklater is mulling a third installment in the Before Sunrise/Sunset series. “Before Mid-Morning Snack,” perhaps?

• A new poster and early reviews for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones have trickled out. Make it a double feature with The Road for a feel-good holiday treat!

• Stephen King is reportedly developing a sequel for The Shining. All work and no play, makes Jack think a Shining sequel is a good idea.  

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