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The Movie List – Ten Movies That Predicted the Future and Blew It

Hollywood has made tons of money with post-apocalyptic movies that show how sucky the future is. The good news is, Hollywood almost always gets it wrong. The bad news is, they’ll be grinding out these types of pics until the world actually does end. Take a look at the top ten movies that predicted the future … and blew it.


10. Death Race 2000 (1975): This thriller imagines a tomorrow in which America’s love for NASCAR is cross-pollinated with its contempt for traffic laws.

9. Streets of Fire (1984): This future is so far-fetched, it’s possible for Diane Lane to have the hots for Rick Moranis.

8. Strange Days (1995): Set in 1999, this movie prophesized sensory recordings taken from your brain. Instead, we have kitten videos on YouTube.

7. Demolition Man (1993): Set in 2032 L.A. where there hasn’t been a
homocide in 22 years. As long as nobody gets killed after 2010, we’re
still on track!

6. Timecop (1994): Timecop thought time travel would go mainstream by 2004. Dead on if by “time travel” they meant “Atkins Diet.”

5. Rollerball (2002): A 2002 remake which projected the future of (gasp!) 2005, it foretells a deadly game played on rollerblades.

4. Escape From New York (1981): If you believe this big screen version of 1997, New York City was a maximum security prison ruled by roving gangs.

3. Freejack (1992): Freejack though people would go back in time to kidnap
innocents and sell their body parts to rich people. Just like Craigslist.

2. 2010 (1984): A sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey set nine year later, this
one had the U.S. and Soviets on a joint mission to Jupiter. We better get cracking

1. 1984 (1984): Luckily, 25 years later we still don’t have the thought police. Though we have had 11 seasons of Big Brother and it’s hard to tell what’s worse.

Want to rank these (and five other) visions of the future?


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