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Supernatural Demon Hunters Get Some Backstory With a New Comic Series

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When the TV series  Supernatural premiered in 2005, few could have guessed it would turn into the cult hit it is today. But five seasons in, the adventures of the supernatural-investigating Winchester brothers are still creeping out their ravenous fan base. So it makes sense that Supernatural would follow in the footsteps of fellow horror-action predecessors Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files and transport the demon-hunting tales to the world of comics. (Hey, if Ghost Whisperer can inspire a comic, then so can Supernatural.)

Coming on the heels of the popular Rising Son miniseries, DC/Wildstorm’s latest Supernatural series, Beginning’s End, delves farther into Sam’s decision to leave his family for Stanford. But don’t worry: There’s still plenty of action as the Winchester boys finding themselves hunting monsters in the Big Apple. The story, written by show writers Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, explores what makes the Winchesters such beloved loose cannons, and also appears to conform to the show’s canon, something few TV comics bother doing.) Artist Diego Olmos will be familiar to fans of Rising Son, but Batman geeks might also want to take a look — the rising comics star’s recent Batman: Dragon’s Knight one-shot was both a fun adventure story and a thrilling tour of Barcelona.

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