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Opening Night – John Cusack Agrees That 2012 Is the Biggest Movie Ever

At last week’s premiere of 2012 (pronounced “two thousand twelve” for anyone wondering), I heard the movie’s executive producer Mark Gordon say — and I’m paraphrasing — that this movie could be one of the biggest films in scope ever made. Granted, 2012 is built around the Mayan myth of the apocalyptic destruction of the earth, but still, that’s a quite a statement coming from a guy who previously teamed up with director Roland Emmerich for The Day After Tomorrow, The Patriot and 10,000 BC.

According to John Cusack, the script called for the demolition of Rome and Paris, just to name a few places. I wondered if fellow cast member Danny Glover and director Emmerich agreed that this movie would be bigger than any we’ve seen before. I especially wanted Emmerich’s opinion, since he told AMC’s SciFi Scanner this film will be his last disaster movie and perhaps he wanted to go out with a bang.

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