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Now or Then – New Moon or Twilight?

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Now: New Moon (2009)Then: Twilight (2008)

Vampire-crazed teens (and their moms) are already frantically comparing the latest episode of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, New Moon, to its first installment, Twilight. Amid the discussions of which movie is better directed, written, and/or acted (and which actor’s bare chest is more awesome), we couldn’t also help but notice that both films stick to a fairly similar template. So, without further ado, here’s our comparison of the two films.

The Hunk

New Moon: After her love Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) abandons her because he loves her too much, young Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) gets close to her childhood friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). How’d he get so buff so quickly?
Twilight: Newly arrived in town, Bella is taken with the mysterious and handsome Edward, especially after he saves her from being hit by a van. How’d he reach her side so quickly?

Meet the Whole Family
New Moon: Bella discovers that Jacob and his diverse, occasionally temperamental fellow tribesmen are all werewolves. They consider it their duty to protect her from vampires.
Twilight: Bella discovers that Edward and his diverse, occasionally temperamental clan are all vampires. They consider it their duty to protect her from other vampires.

Less Friendly Vampires
New Moon: The Volturi are an ancient vampire ruling class who are intrigued by Edward’s fondness for Bella. Then, realizing that Bella has glommed onto the secret about vampires, they demand that she either be killed or become a vampire herself.

Twilight: Tracker vampire James gets intrigued by Edward’s fondness for Bella and decides he wants to hunt her for sport.

Telling Quotes from Edward About Sex Biting Bella

New Moon: “Every second that I’m with you is about restraint… and you’re too fragile.”

Twilight: “I hate you for making me want you so much.”

A Climactic Scene, Somewhere Else

New Moon: Edward heads off to Voltera, Italy, so he can turn himself in to the Volturi. Bella follows him, and intervenes right before he’s about to be killed by fellow vampire Felix.

Twilight: Bella escapes to Phoenix, but she is lured out by the evil tracker vampire James, who then proceeds to almost kill her. Luckily, Edward and his clan arrive just in time, destroy James, and suck out the venom from Bella’s wrist.

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