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Newsdesk 11.30.09 – New Moon Gobbles Up Holiday Box Office; Bruni Says Yes to Woody

• France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has agreed to star in Woody Allen’s next film. Guess the French really do love Woody.

New Moon took the crown at the holiday box office with an estimated $42.5 million. Meanwhile, Old Dogs came in at a paltry fourth place. It seems even holiday food comas couldn’t get people to sit through that one.

Don Cheadle as Iron Man 2‘s War Machine has been revealed via his action figure. This should please kids who longed for a Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda figure.

• A 10-minute behind the scenes look at Avatar‘s flying sequence has been released. Seeing as how it’s probably the best part of the movie, it’s worth a look.

• Director Nimrod Antal (Armored) confirmed that the Predator reboot will be R-rated. For now at least. Just wait until they sandwich the Alien or, say, the robot from Short Circuit in there for no reason.

The Amityville Horror is getting remade again. So it’s a remake of the recent remake? Who’s playing the Ryan Reynolds role? Bradley Cooper, perhaps?

• Roman Polanski has been granted bail and placed under house arrest at his chalet in the Alps.

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