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Trailer of the Week – Kick-Ass

The first trailer for Kick-Ass, based on the hit comic by Wanted writer Mark Millar, tweaks comic book movie conventions right out of the gate. A winged superhero perches atop a building as a narrator (who sounds suspiciously like Spider-Man‘s Peter Parker) earnestly wonders why no one before him ever put on a costume and fought crime. But then the twist: The costumed man, who is not our hero, lands face first into a parked car. Looks like we’re in for a superhero satire along the lines of Mystery Men and Hancock. The trailer then shifts into “Superbad with superpowers,” introducing us to the titular teen hero and his band of geeky buds. Splashy graphics reminiscent of Sin City introduce Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, a duo who are like Batman and Robin by way of Kill Bill. (And was that “McLovin” as the Red Mist? Suddenly the Superbad comparison is even more apt.) While light on plot details, this trailer showcases the source material’s brutal action and immediately announces that this is definitely not your dad’s comic book movie.

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