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Daily Scan for 11.30.09 – Vader’s Helmet Is Explained, Lords Is Princess of Mars


SciFI Wire ranks eighteen post-apocalyptic survivors from best to worst. My vote: Mad Max takes the cake.

• It’s a few days late, but never too early to start planning for next year: io9 suggests ways to make Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade more scifi friendly.

• If you just can’t wait for Pixar to do John Carter right, you can watch the Princess of Mars DVD teaser trailer now, replete with an aged and very embarrassed looking Traci Lords as the eponymous Princess herself.

• Why did Darth Vader wear a helmet? The real answer is pretty mundane: The designer thought any villain entering from the vacuum of space should be wearing a breathing apparatus.

• If you’re a fan of Irrational Games’ brilliant scifi dystopian shooter, Bioshock, check out these gorgeous matte paintings of a subaqueous Rapture skyline.

• And speaking of Bioshock, check out these amazing Big Daddy and Little Sister cosplay photos taken at the Georgia Aquarium.

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