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Daily Scan for 11.24.09 – The Crow Remake Is Casting, Spielberg Adapts King’s Dome


The Crow is coming back to theaters courtesy of a remake, and io9 has an exclusive about their casting.

• The New Moon director previously directed The Golden Compass, which should have been a new speculative fiction cinematic masterpiece. Instead it was a dud, and the director tells us what went wrong.

The Six Million Dollar Man is now peddling a bionic hearing aid. How the bionic have fallen!

• J. Michael Straczynski talks to SciFi Wire about his remake of Forbidden Planet.

Variety reports that Stephen King’s new scifi thriller, Under the Dome, is going to become an ABC miniseries (Just like The Tommyknockers!) produced by Steven Spielberg.

• Everyone loved the balloon shenanigans of Pixar’s Up, but what happened once Carl took his house afloat?

Happy 46th Birthday, Doctor Who. Hard to believe an immortal Time Lord is only 16 years older than me!

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