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Daily Scan for 11.23.09 – Avatar Is Unfinished, Lost Gets Premiere


io9 wonders how traditional science fiction magazines can stave off extinction. The answer, of course, is selling out, although I too am curious: Why isn’t there a scifi McSweeney’s?

• James Cameron’s Avatar comes out on December 18th, but apparently thirty minutes of footage still aren’t finalized yet. Better get hustling, guys.

• Speaking of Avatar, a USC linguistics professor was asked to come up with an entire alien language for the movie.

• February 2nd, 2010 is the official start of Lost season six.

• This gallery of the cheesiest and most inappropriate book covers of all time is pretty great. I actually have those exact copies of Starship Intercourse and The Little People (a surprisingly good novel, that one).

• IBM has recreated a cat’s central cortex, although they don’t quite understand how it works… just like the real thing!

• A fun gallery of great Star Trek and Star Wars tattoos is waiting for you over at SciFi Wire.

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