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Daily Scan for 11.16.09 – Avatar Wins Effects Award, Bradbury Pitches TV Series


Computer and Video Games previews Bioshock 2 — the upcoming sequel to 2007’s sub-aqueous dystopian classic — and it’s sounding surprisingly deep… no pun intended.

MGM Studios is up for sale, which means that a few million can land you such scifi classics as Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Soylent Green, Westworld and Logan’s Run.

Popular Mechanics does a post-mortem on an effects sequence in Roland Emmerich’s 2012.

• Despite the fact that it’s not even out yet, James Cameron’s Avatar has already won a special effects award.

Ray Bradbury is pitching a television series… even though he just clarified that Fahrenheit 451 was about the evils of television.

• British science fiction luminary Michael Moorcock will be writing an official Doctor Who novel.

Doctor Who show-runner Russell T. Davies says there won’t be a movie… not from him, at any rate.

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