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Daily Scan for 11.10.09 – Aliens Join Battleship Flick, Doherty Wants More Jurassic Park

leonard_nimoy_fringe_1.jpg• J.J. Abrams says that despite dire ratings, the attitude in the Fringe writer’s room is optimistic, and Fox is being hugely (and uncharacteristically) supportive of their efforts.

Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller is taking over the reins writing D.C. Comics’ latest Batgirl series.

• It’s his first movie in close to 13 years, but James Cameron’s Avatar already has a budget approaching half a billion dollars.

• Director Michael Doherty says he’d like another crack at the Jurassic Park franchise… as long as it isn’t set on that damn island anymore.

• How will they make a movie out of Hasbro’s Battleship? By adding aliens into the mix. That actually sounds to me like a pretty swell picture.

• The latest Star Trek movie has something of a Mos Eisley-like cantina scene, but it was originally much more so.

• Salman Rushdie may well have a fatwah on his head, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything about Superman.

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