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Daily Scan for 11.06.09 – Emmerich Talks 2012 TV Series, Wheaton Cameos Star Trek

n41592407593_194.jpg• Roland Emmerich is already talking a televised sequel to his apocalyptic film, 2012, pretty much giving away the ending for everyone in the process.

• A new Japanese trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar shows even more alien fauna.

• Geek celebrity Wil Wheaton — that’s right, Star Trek‘s Wesley Crusher himself — has a voice cameo in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek.

• The next Doctor Who special, Waters of Mars, will be airing in the U.S. later this year. If you’re curious what to expect, check out the three minute sneak peek. I’m going to miss David Tennant.

Doctor Horrible co-writer Zack Whedon spills on the eponymous mad scientist’s secret origin in his new Dark Horse comic series.

• All of the best art of the twentieth century is done on black velvet canvases, so needless to say, quite a few scifi heartthrobs have been given the flea market artistic treatment.

• The best found image of the day: Carrie Fisher and her Slave Leia stunt double bask in the sun on the hot sands of Tatooine.

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