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Trailer of the Week – Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Perhaps the funniest part of the utterly insane trailer for Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is the on-screen text that reads, “From director Werner Herzog.” And if the idea of the acclaimed director making a sequel to one of the darkest cop movies of all time isn’t enough to get you on board, Nicolas Cage’s crazy antics just might do the trick. We know Cage’s rogue cop is trouble from the very first scene, when he mocks a drowning criminal with partner Val Kilmer (who goes neck-and-neck with Cage in the awkward hairpiece department). This extended trailer suggests the sequel follows a more straight-forward redemption arc than the original (Harvey Keitel never talked about having a life goal), but it doesn’t cop-out on the dark stuff either: Cage has no qualms about teaming up with criminals and getting loaded on the job. Plus, you can’t beat any movie that includes a conversation between Cage and Kilmer about iguanas, or the soon-to-be-classic line, “Shoot him again. His soul’s still dancing.”

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