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Web Stalker – The Promise of Splatter Has 3D Fans Freaking Over Neil Marshall’s Burst 3D


Another week, another 3D movie — but this time around, people are actually OK with it. Imagine that! Turns out the horror community can get behind a project, so long as the names attached are appropriately horror-tastic. Say, the inimitable Sam Raimi and The Descent‘s Neil Marshall. A winning combination, if the contented musings emanating from the blogosphere are any indication…

But first, a little about Burst, since this one’s definitely worth pondering. If the talent attached weren’t enough to prick up your ears, how about the premise? Namely that, as ShockTilYouDrop broke back in 2008, “a group of people convene at a cabin in the woods only to start spontaneously combusting. Despite that (promising? preposterous?) conceit, when news of the project first hit the Internet last year it went down, as our UK cousins say, like a lead zeppelin. The problem? The director: Spanish filmmaker Daniel Calparsoro. No disrespect intended, but his international resume is a bit thin, so it’s no big surprise that horror fans reserved their “OMFG!!!”s for more titillating news. But that’s all changed now that Marshall is in the director’s seat.

No one’s really talking about why Marshall replaced Calparsoro — though one suspects this isn’t a case of sloppy seconds — and that’s probably because everyone is just so fired up about Marshall taking the reins! NewsInFilm calls the Marshall-Raimi duo an “exciting team-up,” while LatinoReview lauds what it sees as an “explosively good project.” And those are some of the more measured responses in the mix. Here’s a round-up of their more excitable counterparts:

From DreadCentral: “Neil Marshall is a guy whose involvement in a project automatically makes my pants all sticky… Personally, I find this to be some of the best news of late. Marshall always brings his A game (screw you all, Doomsday RULES) and this sounds like it could really deliver the goods.”

From JoBlo: “I like Marshall’s previous work, and if he says he can make an entertaining 3D horror movie about a ghost who makes people explode, I’m all for giving him a chance, however f***ing crazy the idea may sound.”

From FirstShowing: As one who has complained about the combination of 3-D and horror in the past, I’m also one who trusts Sam Raimi implicitly and if he’s made the decision for his label to stand behind this crazy sounding story, then I can’t help but be excited. For some reason I feel [this one has] the right blend of crazy.”

From Collider: “This kind of thing is Marshall at his best, where the horror of the supernatural creatures is secondary to the horror the human characters inflict on each other. Add in Raimi as a producer and we’ve got something really special here.”

Of course, Collider also goes on to fret that “My only worry here is Lionsgate. Lionsgate f***s with movies. It seems that they have no idea how to handle anything that’s not ‘Saw’.” An interesting point, particularly if you’ve noticed the Saw VI media blitz as of late! And ScreenRant confesses, “I’m rather dubious at this point. I certainly hope it’s good, but the ‘spontaneous combustion plot’ doesn’t really scream to me that the 3D will be used subtly…”

If Web Stalker may, the yay-sayers on this one do have history on their sides. Marshall’s The Descent was fantastic (as just about every critic proclaimed)! And absolutely terrifying. if anyone can make spontaneous combustion scary, Marshall might just be the guy.

What do you think, readers? Is this one worthy of all the advance hype it’s getting? Or will you reserve judgment until those virtual bloody entrails are flying off the movie screen and landing in your lap?

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