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Opening Night – Where the Wild Things Are Director Spike Jonze Gets Called an “Idiot Savant”

In adapting Maurice Sendak’s children’s book Where the Wild Things Are to the big screen, director Spike Jonze tried to capture the feeling — for adults and kids both — of being nine years old. Furry creatures that had never before spoken a word were given dialogue, and brought to life by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and the actors Catherine O’Hara, Lauren Ambrose and Forest Whitaker. I sat down with them — as well as Catherine Keener and star Max Records — in Los Angeles to talk about how Jonze approached the movie and more.

At the premiere this week in New York, the film’s executive producer Tom Hanks and I talked about the popularity of the movie and the trouble I had getting a Max Halloween costume. According to Keener, even President Obama has read the book, and she tells us in the video how she knows. Take a look.

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