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Death on Wheels Tournament – Maximum Overdrive (No. 4) vs. Land of the Dead (No. 5)

Maximum Overdrive (No. 4) vs. Land of the Dead (No. 5)” width=”560″/>

For my money, any semi with a Green Goblin head is a good semi with a Green Goblin head. But that kind of old-school folk wisdom goes without saying, no? The truck from Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive is clearly a horror movie icon, and racked up quite a body count in the 1986 thriller. That’s what lands it the No. 4 seed.

And in the other corner, fifth-seeded and less-iconic “Dead Reckoning” RV from 2005’s Land of the Dead. Custom made to destroy zombies, it also has the same impact on non-zombies (aka “pedestrians”). The Goblin is more famous, but Dead Reckoning is armed to the teeth — if the Goblin had any weapons, maybe it wouldn’t have succumbed to Emilio Estevez’s rocket launcher.

Time for video clips!
• A Land of the Dead trailer with a few glimpses of Dead Reckoning
Goblin Truck runs down a dumb-ass

Goblin Truck, are you ready? Dead Reckoning, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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