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Death on Wheels Tournament – Christine (No. 1) vs. The Landmaster (No. 8)

Christine (No. 1) vs. The Landmaster (No. 8)” width=”560″/>

One car, the top seed, is the epitome of automotive evil, a body-crunching, flame-licking machine of death. The other is a little-known mobile monstrosity and a serious desert darkhorse in this tournament.

Christine, of course, is an absolute horror classic. Damnation Alley, on the other hand, is the disaster of 1977 disaster films (you can actually see strings moving the rubber “giant” insects in many parts). But while the latter was a box-office train wreck, it did produce a freakin’ amazing vehicle known as “The Landmaster.” Heavily armored, multi-wheeled, fully aquatic and loaded with rockets and other destructive stuff, The Landmaster is serious competition for Christine.

It’s a 1958 Plymouth Fury vs. a custom-built vehicle of death. But don’t take my word for it, check out a couple of YouTube clips of each car and judge for yourself:

Christine‘s “Bad to the Bone” video
A trailer for Damnation Alley that shows some of the Landmaster’s bad-assery

Christine, are you ready? Landmaster, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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