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Daily Scan for 10.30.09 – Ridley Talks Alien Prequel, Lindelof Talks Lost Secrets


• Ridley Scott says that his upcoming Alien prequel will take place about thirty years before the first movie, and not be about the elephantine aliens after all. That’s a shame: I really want to know The Pilot’s story.

• James Cameron’s Avatar gets a second trailer, though you’ve probably seen most of this footage before.

• ABC was intending on doing a publicity campaign for V by writing the eponymous letter in blood red smoke across the sky, but they ditched their plans, remembering that sort of thing doesn’t go over too well since September 11th.

Lost’s Damon Lindelof says that Season 6 won’t wait until the last episode to answer big questions. Plus, Libby Bulloff might be back, and we’ll finally find out what was so special about Walt.

• A deleted scene from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek brings the Klingons to the villain’s table where they belong.

• To celebrate The Twilight Zone’s fiftieth anniversary, SciFi Wire lists the 14 most twisted Serling endings.

• There’s no better time of year to read H.P. Lovecraft than Halloween. io9 has a good primer of his particular brand of gothic space scifi-horror fiction.

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