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Daily Scan for 10.28.09 – Abrams Wants Superman, Nimoy Leaves Fringe


• Leonard Nimoy says he’ll be leaving Fringe, essentially because he finds the character he is playing to be uncompelling.

• With shades of Farenheit 451, author Philip Roth sees a future in which the novel is dead, and television reigns supreme.

• According to Lucasfilm, rumors of a new Star Wars trilogy directed by Steven Spielberg in 3D are just stupid.

• The director of Paul Blart, Mall Cop will be helming the Short Circuit remake. I’d say “yeesh” but the original was a pretty stupid crowd-pleaser too.

• J.J. Abrams, who wrote a script for a failed reboot of Superman years ago, says he’d still do the Man of Steel if Warner Bros. would ask him.

• Let’s face it: No matter what you do, some local kid is going to explode your pumpkin this year. So what better shape for it than a Death Star?

• What is the secret connection between Highlander and Duran Duran?

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