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Daily Scan for 10.15.09 – Dollhouse Survives Season, Rodat Helms Warcraft


• Scifi novelist Charlie Stross explains why he hates Star Trek. “Captain, the tech is overteched!” And then a wizard did it.

Dollhouse isn’t canceled just yet: Good DVR ratings have made Fox go through with all thirteen planned episodes of Season 2.

Heroes has been a disaster for three and a half seasons now. Motivational Smartacre tells network execs what they can learn from the show’s mistakes.

• Fresh from writing Spider-man 4, Robert Rodat will next be helming Sam Raimi’s World of Warcraft.

• In the days before Princess Leia slave outfits, scifi nerds (especially those of the Star Trek variety) wore decidedly stranger outfits to conventions.

io9 has a beautiful gallery of the psychedelic scifi covers of Emanuel Schongut.

SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: Who are the best villains in all of science fiction?

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