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Daily Scan for 10.09.09 – Spidey Scribe Writes Venom, Smith Taps Hamm for Supes


• A Battlestar Galactica reboot effects wizard tries to recreate the old BSG look, with miraculous effect.

• Orci and Kurtzman are abandoning the Transformers series as scribes. Good. The last two were awfully written.

• Screenwriter Gary Ross, who is rewriting the script for Spider-Man 4, is now slated to direct and write the Venom spinoff, with Venom depicted as an “anti-hero defender of the innocent.”

• Speaking of Spidey, the LA Times‘ Hero Complex examines the complications facing the Spider-Man franchise. They seem to think Spider-Man 4 will be Raimi’s last.

• Is AMC’s own Mad Men star Jon Hamm a good choice for both Superman and Batman? Kevin Smith says yes.

• Tomorrow, NASA will smash a rocket into the moon to look for water. It will be cool. You should watch it.

• Japan’s 60-foot robot statue of Gigantor in Kobe’s Wakamatsu Park has finally been completed.

• An alternatingly edifying and puzzling list: The top ten fantastic cartoon scifi ships. A few aren’t even ships!

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