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Daily Scan for 10.08.09 – Stormtroopers Meet Zombies, Brody Hunts Predators


• The upcoming Star Wars novel, Death Trooper, introduces zombies to George Lucas’s universe. The fan community is excited, and now, they’ve come up with their own trailers.

• And speaking of Star Wars, George Lucas says he would have no objection to people watching and downloading his movies exclusively on their mobile phones.

• A new Mickey Mouse video game involves all forgotten Disney characters teaming up to beat Mickey down. Not only does it look artistic, it looks great. Pixar may even be involved!

• Forget the chiseled masculinity of Arnold, Weathers and The Body: Adrien Brody will be the lead of the new Predators movie.

• The next time you go camping in a frozen tundra, go to sleep in the belly of a Taun Taun sleeping bag.

SciFi Wire posts the 21 sexiest stormtroopers around. O quae delicae.

SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: What book introduced you to the genre?

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