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Daily Scan for 10.07.09 – James Cameron Pens Avatar Novel, DC Moves to L.A.


• Adjusted for inflation, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek is officially the most successful Trek ever made. Short of Wrath of Khan, I think it deserves to be.

• As part of its move to become the movie and television-focused DC Entertainment, it looks like DC Comics might move its headquarters to Los Angeles, leaving only Marvel to carry the New York comic book banner. And thanks to Disney, maybe Marvel will move to Orlando!

IGN talks to Avatar producer Jon Landau, who tells them that James Cameron is planning to pen an accompanying novel to his 3D scifi epic.

• Fan site Dollverse is concerned after last Friday’s epic low ratings that Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is in danger of being pulled off the air. I love Whedon, but let’s face it: The show is some of his worst work.

Doctor Who gets a new logo. I really like it!

• To commemorate the new Who logo and Tennant’s imminent departure from the role, Topless Robot lists the five best and worst David Tennant Doctor Who episodes.

• Classic scifi movie posters, re-envisioned with a gorgeous modern design twist.

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