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AMC Fearfest ’09 Kicks Off Tonight at 8PM | 7C

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of AMC Fearfest '09

Tonight marks the official launch of AMC Fearfest ’09. And not only is this the start of the latest edition [cue creepy organ music] but it’s also the 13th year that AMC has devoted its on-air programming to creepshows for the big bad holiday. So prepare for a buffet of fright on-air (and off) for the next nine days. The scares kick off at 8 PM | 7C, when you can tune in to Alien because during AMC Fearfest, no one can hear you scream. (Click here for the full on-air schedule.)

The frights don’t end on air either. Online, has recently added two great titles to its evergrowing stock of online B-movie horror: Werewolves on Wheels and Fiend Without a Face. You’ll also find video interviews with such horror icons as Lance Henriksen and director George A. Romero (whose undisputed classic Night of the Living Dead plays on-air all night on Halloween). Cool horror quizzes? Tournaments pitting evil children and vampires against each other? Photo galleries celebrating all things evil? You’ll find all those too.

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