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Web Stalker – Horror Fans Sink Their Teeth Into a 3D Night of the Living Dead Resurrection

Just when it seemed there was nothing left to say about Hollywood’s creatively bankrupt love affair with remakes, they’ve added a new (as in “everything old is new again”) variable to the equation: 3D. Apparently there’s no movie that can’t be improved upon by the addition of that most googly-moogly of special effects. A moment, please, for a collective melodramatic sigh. OK: With that out of our systems, let’s proceed.

Simon West Productions‘ announcement this week that they’d be giving George Romero’s 1968 masterpiece Night of the Living Dead the X-Men: Origins treatment — in 3D, no less — was hardly the stuff of which horror-fan buzz frenzies are made. Still, the degree of vitriol the chattering masses have hurled at the flick has been particularly impressive! Horror fans, it appears, are united against the cause.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog broke the news that first-time director Zebediah de Soto and producer Simon West were moving forward with the project. Not only would it be in 3D, they’d also be using a new technology developed by de Soto and nicknamed “The Beast,” that would allow actors to interact with CGI elements as naturally as real-life co-stars.

But wait! cried DreadCentral. “Didn’t we just get treated to a 3D remake of Night of the Living Dead a few years ago, and didn’t it pretty much suck to high heaven? Here we are once again, and for the record George A. Romero has nothing to do with this production either. This time it’s being produced by Simon West, director of the abysmal remake When a Stranger Calls and the equally atrocious Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.” Them’s fighting words! And yes, there was indeed a 3D remake of Night of the Living Dead in 2006, that was, by all accounts, “all kinds of malignant awful,” as HorrorSquad so witheringly put it. That blogger goes on to cut the last 3D version a bit of slack by concluding, “At least it had the low-budget decency to be filmed, not rendered. I’m sorry if I’m supposed to be impressed that yet another batch of filmmakers have invented yet another means to remove people from the set, but I’m not. If James Cameron’s milestones in that regard didn’t knock me on my ass, there is no way the man who directed the When a Stranger Calls remake will.”

And those comments aren’t even the worst of the bunch! Here’s a representative sampling:

CinemaBlend: “I have no idea why anyone would remake a George Romero film as their first ever feature. I guess boldness ought to be rewarded, but I have my doubts that 3-D will make a new version of a perfectly good classic worth the effort.”

SlashFilm: I’m honestly more interested in how their technology holds up than in this remake. It could end up being a good low-budget solution that ends up giving results similar to what James Cameron is attempting to do with Avatar. If anything, the Night of the Living Dead property is a cheap way for De Soto to test his technology without losing too much if the project ends up being a dud.”

TotalFilm: “what’s really different about the film… is that it’ll bring out the characters’ backstories with the full title listed as Night of the Living Dead: Origins. Yeah, that’s what the original was missing.”

ScreenCrave: At what point will Hollywood take a step back and say to themselves, “Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.”

It’s not hard to imagine what Horror Hacker readers will think, but hey — don’t let that stop you! A for me, perhaps it’s time to boycott what passes for news in these unimaginative, remake-remix-recycle times! Wake me when someone decides to make an original movie, will ya?

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