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Opening Night – Whiteout‘s Kate Beckinsale Talks About Filming at Fifty Below

At the junket for Whiteout, the new U.S. Marshal drama set in on an Antarctic military base, I pointed out to Kate Beckinsale that even though the movie was shot in Manitoba, I noticed the freezing cold steam from the actor’s breaths looked CGI. She confirmed as much (as did producer Joel Silver) and told me — I’m paraphrasing — that I won the movie geek award. Watch the video to see my one-on-one interviews with the cast including Gabriel Macht and Alex O’Loughlin, and my interviews from Wednesday night’s premiere in Westwood.

If you follow AMC News on Twitter, you’d know it was a hot day in L.A. for the premiere of a movie set at the South Pole. If you don’t follow us, you can do it now and see pictures from the premiere on our AMC News Twitter feed.

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