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Trailer of the Week – Coco Before Chanel

You don’t have to read the subtitles for Coco Before Chanel. The visuals in this trailer give you everything you need — from a glimpse of Coco after Chanel (with models parading around her) to a peek at the designer’s humbler roots (cue: lowlight sweatshop). With cabaret tunes as atmosphere, you’re about to relive the life of a woman who worked unfashionably hard to earn money, respect, and maybe even that handsome stranger who’s appeared to sweep her off her feet. Too bad that last part doesn’t appear to last long! At least not in the conventional sense. This Coco (Audrey Tautou) doesn’t just track her man down — soon thereafter, she’s tracked down by that man’s friend. Given the tears that follow, this biopic isn’t likely to be a standard romance. Hey, it’s French. It’s art!

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