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Trailer of the Week – Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Michael Douglas is back in hot-button thriller mode with Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, but unlike Fatal Attraction and The Game, this time Douglas is the baddie: an evil district attorney who, as the trailer helpfully tells us, fakes forensic evidence to score convictions in murder trials. A hotshot reporter (Jesse Metcalfe) puts himself on the stand (and behind bars) to get the truth, while the perky assistant DA (Amber Tamblyn) plays both sides of the law. (Turns out she’s sleeping with the reporter!) The trailer neatly sets up the pieces for what looks like a refreshingly old-school legal thriller. Will Douglas get away with it? Can John Tucker Must Die‘s Metcalfe handle serious drama? And why are parking lots always so creepily abandoned in life? We’ll never know the answer to that last question. 

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