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TIFF 09 – Tilda Swinton Deems the Aristocratic I Am Love a Populist Tale

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Tilda Swinton and Luca Guadagnino came by our studio at TIFF09 to discuss I Am Love. It’s a story of the well-to-do Recchi family who get together to celebrate the birthday of the family’s patriarch, and from there, cracks begin to emerge.

In our conversation, Swinton and Guadagnino said they’ve been trying to make the movie for more than a decade, but that it seems relevant now more than ever. The TIFF09 program compared the story of the troubled family to Shakespeare’s King Lear, but Swinton and Guadagnino saw more parallels to another film in the festival, Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story.

While one may not look to a story about aristocrats in Milan — much less ones inspired by Madame Bovary — as a populist tale, Swinton and Guadagnino begged to differ.

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