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The Newsdesk 09.11.09 – Bridges Reunites With Coen Bros.; Smith and Theron in Hancock 2

Ellen Page, Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler will star in Super, a superhero comedy from writer/director James Gunn (Slither). Wilson will play a loser superhero whose only weapon is a wrench. Clearly no one involved in this project learned from Mystery Men.

Jeff Bridges may reunite with the Coen brothers for a remake of True Grit. That rug really tied the room together there, pard’ner.

• Will Smith and Charlize Theron are both reportedly attached to Hancock 2. They’ll be teaming up on an exciting mission to find someone who actually liked Hancock.

Josh Harnett will star in Gunslinger, a “dystopian action thriller” set in a post-apocalyptic America. You know, 2010.

• Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany debuted their Charles Darwin romance Creation at the Toronto Film Festival. It’s safe to say there will be weeping in this one. 

• Timothy Dalton’s character in Toy Story 3
was revealed at a special Disney Animation panel in London. Turns out
he’s a “hedgehog with thespian tendencies” named Mr. Pricklepants. This
is easily Dalton’s greatest role since 007.  

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