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The Newsdesk 09.07.09 – Soderbergh and Carano Are a Knockout Team; Pixar Eyeing Ant-Man

Steven Soderbergh has signed on to direct the spy thriller Knockout, which will mark the big screen debut of mixed martial arts star Gina Carano. First a porn star, now a mixed martial artist… Is there anyone Soderbergh can’t make a movie star?

Final Destination took the top spot at the box office for the second weekend in a row. Audiences just love seeing hot young actors die in horribly gruesome ways.

The first photos of Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz, and Jay Chou on the set of Green Hornet have surfaced. Yes, this movie is actually happening.

Rambo V will reportedly have a science fiction slant, with Stallone taking on bio-engineered soldiers. Funny, as Stallone himself is basically an odd creation of science at this point.

The first on-set footage from Clash of the Titans has been released. Sorry, but you can’t top Harry Hamlin holding a rubber Medusa’s head.

• Word is the Disney-Marvel merger has led to Pixar “eyeballing” an Ant-Man movie. Come on, Pixar. Shouldn’t you aim a little higher than A Bug’s Life meets Honey I Shrunk the Kids?

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