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Now or Then – 9 or Terminator Salvation?

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Now: 9 (2009)Then: Terminator Salvation (2009)

The kids may be back in school, but the Summer of the Giant Killer Robot Movies isn’t over yet. Shane Acker’s animated scifi flick 9 posits a world devoid of humans where a group of small, potato-sack-like “stitchpunks” do battle against huge scary machines that have taken over the world. Their plucky resistance is not unlike the human resistance in this May’s wannabe tentpole Terminator Salvation, the summer’s first Giant Killer Robot Movie. Indeed, the similarities between these two particular post-apocalyptic mechanized nightmares are too prominent to ignore. Check it out…

The Beginning of the End
9: B.R.A.I.N. was a sentient entity which, when inserted into The Fabrication Machine, wiped humanity from the earth. It now spends its time creating new machines.

Terminator Salvation: After becoming self-aware, Skynet launched a nuclear attack that wiped much of humanity from the earth. It now spends its time building terminators to get rid of the rest.

The Well-Meaning Mastermind
9: Our hero 9 (Elijah Wood) learns that his late creator was a Scientist whose experiments with artificial intelligence were appropriated by a power-mad Chancellor, whose actions led to the machines revolting and taking over the world. Near the end of the movie, he addresses 9 in a video message.

Terminator Salvation: Dr. Serena Kogan (Helena Bonham-Carter) is a scientist whose work on advanced technology is used (and abused) by SkyNet. Near the end of the film, her likeness addresses the cyborg Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) in, yep, a video message.

The Stern Authority Figure
9: 1 (Christopher Plummer) is a sage-like stitchpunk leader who refuses to allow 9 to go back to save his friend 2 (Martin Landau) from the clutches of the Fabrication Machine.

Terminator Salvation: General Ashdown (Michael Ironside) gets on John Connor (Christian Bale)’s case for endangering himself and his men, and later resists the idea of John going back to save his future father Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) from the clutches of Skynet.

An Ass-Kicking Female Fighter

9: 7 (Jennifer Connelly) is a ninja-like she-fighter who displays wicked moves while wielding a bird’s skull as a weapon.

Terminator Salvation: Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood) is a sexy Resistance pilot with lethal fighting skills.

Nightmarish Killing Machines

9: The Seamstress is a snake-like machine that wears a doll’s face as a mask, and hypnotizes its prey. The Winged Beast is a flying machine shaped like a Pterodactyl, made up of knives and nightmarish dental tools.

Terminator Salvation: Hydrobots are snake-like underwater terminators with claw-shaped heads. The giant and seemingly-indestructible Harvester is used to grab humans to take back to Skynet for lab tests.

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