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Flashback Five – Any Fan of Animal Pics Knows Jessica Simpson’s Pup Will Find Its Way Home



There’s no doubt that Jessica Simpson watching her tiny maltipoo puppy Daisy being carried away by a coyote was a horrible, horrible scene that will scar the pop star forever. But Simpson isn’t giving up hope — a dog finding service has put the word out about the pup, and Simpson (or at least her assistant) has been putting up signs all over town. Perhaps she should look to the movies instead: Movie dogs always find their way home, and their trajectories are often the stuff of legend.

1. Bolt (2008)
In this recent movie, Bolt is one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world, a dog on a show about a genetically modified super dog. Catch is, he thinks the show is real, and after accidentally escaping, has to deal with the real world for the first time. He finds his way back just in time to actually save Miley Cyrus from a blazing inferno! So chin up, Jessica: All you have to do to get Daisy back is throw your life into mortal peril.

2. 101 Dalmations (1996)
Disney’s classic tale gets the live action treatment, courtesy of the late, great John Hughes in this remake. In case you’re one of the few people who hasn’t seen any of the movie (or stage) versions, the diabolical Cruella De Vil kidnaps Dalmatian puppies in order to turn their hides into coats. After befriending various animals, the Dalmatians return home to their owners, their numbers increased to the titular 101. Sociable little Daisy is sure to make friends on her journey, so the takeaway here is that it’s time to make room for more dogs.

3. Benji the Hunted (1987)
Probably the most famous movie dog in the history of film, Benji
(actually a dog named Benjean) is stranded on a remote island, forced
to adopt three cougar cubs after their mother is shot by a hunter.
Though he loses one of the cubs, Benji does manage to heroically murder
a timber wolf. So it’s always possible little Daisy will do just fine
fending for herself.

4. The Adventures of Milo & Otis (1989)
Despite allegations of animal cruelty surrounding the movie (never
proven, by the way), this adorable movie depicts the friendship between
a tabby cat and a pug dog. Though the two animals are in the wild the
entire time, they develop a lasting friendship, and help each other
raise families together, protecting each other from danger. Fingers
crossed that, at some point, Daisy befriended a cat.

5. The Incredible Journey (1963)
The granddaddy of “animals getting lost, then traveling cross-country to find their owners” movies, Incredible Journey spawned a remake (Homeward Bound),
and a sequel to that remake, plus setting the standards for the whole
sub-genre. After their owner leaves the two dogs and a cat behind when
moving to San Francisco, the pets manage to cross 200 miles of
wilderness to get back to their master. If a fancy cat can cross 200
miles, surely a fancy puppy can escape a coyote and cross one mile of
Los Angeles wilderness.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008) –
There’s always the chance that an evil Doberman might want Daisy’s
collar for his illegal, underground dog fight club, a la this 2008
masterpiece. Never fear though, the chihuahuas prevail!

2. Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (1995) –
After being stranded with a young boy after a boat accident, Yellow Dog
helps his master survive the wilderness until rescue comes. As long as
the coyote also carried off a young boy, this scenario should play out
as planned.

3. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) –
Maybe Daisy wasn’t kidnapped at all, but instead stolen as part of a
larger conspiracy, like Snowflake, the mascot of the Miami Dolphins in
Ace Ventura. Sure, a coyote is
slightly different than the escaped mental patient transsexual played
by Sean Young in the movie, but it never hurts to call in the professionals.

4. Bingo (1991) –
A circus dog who escapes execution for not being able to perform runs
away from home, and finds masters who love him. One may not like to
think about their pet finding solace in the arms of another, but it’s
better than nothing.

5. Lady and the Tramp (1955) –
Lady escapes from a pet shop after two villainous cats pretend the
fancy dog hurt them, when all Lady wants to do is protect her owner’s
baby. OMG! Jessica Simpson is clearly pregnant. You heard it here first.

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