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Daily Scan for 09.21.09 – Nigeria Hates District 9, WALL-E Wins Humanitas Prize


Nigeria’s information minister hates District 9, and wants an apology for its portrayal of Nigerian gangsters as exploitative gangsters and cannibals.

WALL-E has earned the Humanitas prize for celebrating “humanity and liberty in media.” It certainly deserved it.

• A “Jedi” has accused Tesco’s in the UK of religious discrimination after he was banned from one of the stores for wearing a hood.

Virginia Woolf was a science fiction fan and actually wrote fan letters to scifi writers she esteemed. Who’d have thought?

SFX lists science fiction’s most irritating characters. Vegas odds on Jar Jar Binks making an appearance are good.

io9 organizes a bar hopping trip of the best bars in all of science fiction. Milliwaves, anyone?

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