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Daily Scan for 09.18.09 – BSG: The Plan Is Delayed, X-Men: First Class Is Underway


• Cyclops himself claims that X-Men: First Class could start filming in 2010.

• Metamorphose your mind! According to scientists, reading Kafka is a way to better brain power by enhancing your “cognitive mechanisms.”

• What the heck, SyFy? The last Battlestar Galactica movie, The Plan, will debut on DVD in October, but not hit the network until sometime next year.

SF Signal discusses the death of comics after the buyout of Marvel by Disney and DC’s move towards rebranding. They think Marvel and DC should save comics through a specially designed, cheap, full-color eBook reader like Amazon’s Kindle.

• President Obama swishes around a Star Wars lightsaber. Nuff said!

io9 lists the ten most corrupt mayors in science fiction.

• A great collection of images over at Total Film: 18 Rare and Unseen Star Wars shots. Dig that prototype R2!

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